Detroit is for lovers

The tour is going great. I'm writing from Quebec City, but I wanted to start off by describing the city of Detroit, Michigan.

I'm sure that most readers of this board have some idea already that Detroit is in pretty bad shape, and many of you probably imagine that it is a frightening and terrible place. Detroit has become synonymous with urban decay. I had a web of preconceptions about the city and was excited and a little apprehensive about venturing out into the city by myself after we arrived. What I saw amazed me beyond all measure.


Hi. We're on tour and visiting in Chicago with Evan Sult, former drummer of Harvey Danger, and his three cats. I wanted to write another diary entry now that the debate on indie-rock pretentiousness has dried up. So far our tour with Nada Surf is going swimmingly. They're treating us very well and are excellent men.


On the topic of pretentiousness:

It may surprise you to learn that some of the members of the Long Winters struggle with pretentiousness. In fact, I can only think of one of the four of us that doesn't seem to struggle with it and I'll leave it open as to which one of us that is. Point being, when I say we struggle with it I mean a couple of different things and they relate directly to my writing on this web site so I want to cover them early on. So follow me.

How the Long Winters actually became a band.

I started writing the songs for the second record as soon as I got to New York.  Bride and Bridle, Sound of Coming Down, Stupid and Shapes all came pretty quickly as I lay on my bare mattress at 117th and 3rd in Spanish Harlem listening to car alarms in 110 degree heat.  I love New York and was filled with joy. 

Our Promises

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting our new site. We're putting it out here in conjunction with the release of our new record but we'd love it if became a regular part of your internet life. To that end we'd like to make a few promises to you, the viewer, so that this site can be a safe place for you to return to time and again when the pressures of daily life become unbearable.

Musings on The Worst You Can Do is Harm

The year 2000 was a very full year. The first thing that happened in January of that year was that I was asked to join Harvey Danger as the touring keyboardist. They knew me from around town and Sean and I had recently struck up a friendship based on eating steak and talking about how smart we were compared to other people.

Why we made a website

When it came time to make a Long Winters web-site we worried that it might be a big waste of time. Plenty of people told us that we needed a web-site for ‘commercial’ purposes, but those people tended to be the same ones that asked us repeatedly when we were going to go back to college. We didn't start a band because we wanted to be merchants. Obviously, the real appeal of the global inter-web is all the conversation taking place.

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