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More Than Shapes

Last autumn, Three Imaginary Girls and Dorsia Films put together a super intimate potluck / house show, with the guest of honor being John Roderick himself, who entertained song requests and told stories throughout the wonderful evening.

Dorsia Films captured it all on tape, and put together a collection of some of the very best moments in a video package dubbed "More Than Shapes." Clips from More Than Shapes were released each Tuesday throughout the month of February on both Three Imaginary Girls and the Dorsia Films production blog, and are now gathered on one page at the Dorsia Films website.

iPhone video

What do you get when John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants directs your video? John singing iPhone to iPhone on Jonathan Coulton's Nemeses.

January shows

John Roderick will play a headlining show at the Mercury Lounge in New York on January 28. Tickets are on sale now. Leading up to this, he will join Aimee Mann for three dates of her January tour: Jan 23 in Annapolis, MD, Jan 25 in Alexandria, VA and Jan 26 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA.

More details in the Shows section.

Hohner EX Artist guitar auction: get your piece of John now

Do you want to play guitar like John Roderick? Sorry, can't be done. But, you can play his guitar as much as you'd like! Just win his solid body Hohner EX Artist electric guitar, whose unique sound has appeared in The Long Winter's recordings. Small Print: Guitar has been used. It's got a few scrapes (nothing that's visible from a stadium seat), needs a set-up (easy!), but has been lovingly modified - with embellished pick-ups (blood red nail polish, an 80's classic). Don't let THIS ONE get away. Donated by John to benefit Suz, all proceeds help her recover from severe illness.
Make your bid now! Auction lasts until 8 December.

Roderick on the Line

We've mentioned it here before, but we'll say it again, because John's weekly phone calls with Merlin Mann have proved to be a winner. Roderick on the Line will give a you weekly dose of everything you may have wanted to know all along, and more. And to improve the experience even more, each episode comes complete with annotations by Merlin.
» Listen to the latest RotL or check out the archive of old episodes.

City Arts Fest show: unique line-up announced

This Thursday a unique The Long Winters show will take place at City Arts Fest, Showbox at the Market. John Roderick has worked with almost every musician in Seattle already, but he has found some amazing young new recruits for this one-off show. Watch this video made by Adam Pranica and you will get a taste of what to expect.

Additional bonus is that this limited edition show poster will be available from the merch stand.

Get your tickets now from!

John & Jon: Nemeses

Jonathan Coulton has released a track called "Nemeses" from his upcoming album Artificial Heart, and it features John Roderick on lead vocals! You can listen to it at Paste Magazine, or watch a live performance from PAX on youtube.

Everything you always wanted to know about...

As you might know from his Twitter, John has a lot of things to say, if you let him. Recently John has been featured on 2 podcasts, and the list of topics covered is of truly epic proportions, from Lenny Kravitz' drummer to the John-Vanderslication of indie rock to what it is like being a dad and the inevitable food content.
First up was Air Raid's episode 60 "Hobos of the Future"; the next day already John went to visit Kaiser of Nerds and long-time Long Winters friend Merlin Mann to record the episode You Can Polish AC/DC All Day Long for Merlin's Back to Work podcast on 5by5. Since John and Merlin ran out of time but still had way too much stuff to talk about, Merlin decided to start a weekly podcast of his phone conversations with John, called Roderick On The Line (ROTL). » Read more.

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